Is it too late to apply pre emergent on my lawn? 

If you’re asking yourself if it is too late to fertilize or apply weed control to your lawn, the answer is no. The photo above is of our Z-Spray ride on fertilizer and herbicide applicating machine applying pre-emergent to neighborhood lawns.
While it may not be the ideal time frame to perform apply pre emergent weed control for you lawn, there are options available in terms of applications offered by Winkler’s Lawn Care that can help your achieve your goals of a weed free lawn. 
Normally, our turf management program consists of 6 rounds. The first of these rounds in a pre emergent herbicide delivered in granular form and paired with a nitrogen based fertilizer. This round does two things. 
First, the lawn treatment preps your soil for the immenent growth about to be underway for the turf grass. The nitrogen fertilizer achieves this. Secondly, the pre-emergent works to creates a vapor barrier that suppresses growth of grassy weeds prone to germinate in the early spring months. The product we use for round 1 is also effective at knocking down some of the grassy weeds that have already began to grow. 
So, while there may be crabgrass weeds present, we are actually able to control some of the grassy weeds that have already germinated even though we are applying a “pre emergent.” 
Now, if you are really late to the game, we may modify the program and skip round one altogether. If we do this, we’ll likely and hit your lawn with a liquid product that will control broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and clover in addition to the pesky crabgrass that is so prevent in the early spring.
Click here if you would like an estimate for your lawn. And again, it is not too late to apply pre-emergent herbicide for your lawn.
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