2014 Watermelon Update

It’s getting warmer and we’re getting excited. The watermelons are starting to really take off out here at Watermelon Wagon Farms. This guy here is about 14″ in length already. He and several of his buddies are tipping the scales at around 10-15lbs or so. Now, we were late to get our mounds made and seeds in the ground this spring, but with the unseasonably cool temperatures and continued rains… well, all things are looking good still.

Watermelons need about 1″ of water per week to grow. As they get closer to harvest, the heat and less frequent rains will help the watermelons become sweeter. So, while the recent rains have helped a few weeks of drier and hotter weather is really what we need to get the melons as juicy as possible.

Keep in mind, all those melons your seeing at the store right now. Well, odds are they are imports. It’s just too early in the season to be biting in to a locally grown ripe watermelon.

Before you go getting your watermelon fix this season, hold out a little while longer for some of Platte County’s finest watermelons. Watermelon Wagon Farms Watermelons are a charitable contribution to the Platte County YoungLife organization. Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape is committed to helping build a stronger community full of great kids. Watermelons are just one of the ways we do that. Click here to read a recent YoungLife article coming off this season week long camp trip.

As for now we’re back to weeding the crop and keeping the watermelons growing. Hopefully in 4-6 weeks we’ll have another harvest!