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24 May

Old Kids on the block

We’ve been around this block a time or two! Check out a video from a day in which we had 4 crews on the same street in one of our favorite Platte City neighborhoods. (click here to watch)

9 May

Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Deep Root Tree Fertilization, or any landscape planting fertilization for that matter, is one of the most overlooked opportunities to keep your landscape thriving.

Most folks understand the importance of fertilizing their lawn. It just makes sense. But when it comes landscape plantings, shrubs, and trees… we often get a sort of confused look from folks when we ask about fertilization of these areas. 

Fertilizing shrubs, plants, trees will help keep landscape plantings strong. Strength is important as this helps safeguard against limb damage and debris that can often result from summer storms. Strength often comes from the ground up. Meaning, the upper portion or canopy of a tree need to have good-deep roots. Roots spread out and deep to secure water, nutrients and other needs to keep the tree thriving. 

While we target a Deep Root Tree Fertilization application at your existing trees, pairing this visit with a landscape bed pre-emergent or landscape bed fertilization is a win win. 

Deep Root Tree Fertilization applications starting around $85.00 and go up from their depending on tree quantity and size. Pairing these visits with other Turf Management or Tree and Shrub applications is a sure way to get more bang for your buck!


7 May

Fertilizer Company Near Me

Your lawn has likely greened up with the rains and cool temperatures, but as summer approaches as temperatures rise, it may be time to reach out to a Fertilizer Company Near By to keep things green and healthy into the season. 

We like to think our Turf Program is a great fit for folks who are looking to have someone or some company come along side and take care of their lawns fertilization needs. Odds are we’re already in your neighborhood or are out working nearby as a Fertilizer Company specializing in providing lawn care and landscape services to residential properties.

Round 3 of our Turf Management program combines a mix of fertilization and weed control. This application combines a granular herbicide to help control the secondary wave of crabgrass. It is paired with a fertilization application to help promote continued growth and overall health for you lawn.  As we service your lawn, we look for actively growing weeds. We carry liquid herbicides for grassy weeds, herbicides for broadleaf weeds, and other products as well to make sure we are the fertilization company near you that you can trust and count on for professional lawn care advice.

If you’re interested learning more about our Turf Management Program, fertilization or weed control applications, let us know. 

We’d love to help your lawn be truly it’s best and as green as can be! Click here to contact Winkler’s.


4 May

Platte City Mowing Service

Our mowing service routes are just about filled up for the season, but there’s still a few spots to add here in our hometown of Platte City. If you find yourself dreading the grind of mowing week after week, or simply want a professionally mowed and manicured lawn, our lawn maintenance teams are ready to help. 

It’s funny, quite often we hear feedback when meeting with new customers like, “Yeah, I see your trucks everywhere.” This is pretty cool and received as a compliment. I can remember the first time I pulled up to an intersection while in a Winkler’s Lawn Care truck and saw another Winkler’s truck drive by. Now a day, it’s a routine occurrence, but one not to be taken for granted.

When folks share with us that they see our trucks everywhere mowing here, landscaping there, fertilizing at the neighbors… well, I receive it as a bit of a challenge. A good reputation and a commitment to servicing customers year over year is what has allowed those types of moments to happen. Now, we have an even harder task of managing the work that is in motion and continuing to build on the trust and relationships that we have.

Knowing when to say the mowing route is full is just an example of that. The fact is, we can’t cut everyone’s grass. Nor do we want to! But, if your next door or right around the corner to a property we are already providing mowing services or turf management for… THEN absolutely, we’d love to take the lawn maintenance off your hands! Think of all the extra time you could spend enjoying your back yard instead of having to work in it!

Weekly mowing services starting around $40 per week. Occasionally, we can work in a vacation mow or mow for someone who is in need due to a mower repair. If you need a hand this summer with your lawn work, let us know. We’re here to help and keep your lawn and our city looking good. 



1 May

Social Media for Landscapers

What’s going on here? Here’s a fine example of landscaping in action by Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape. At first, the tripod holding the laser may appear like a camera stand used by a film crew. In some cases, we may have a camera staged to track a project, but obviously in this landscape action shot the tripod is just a laser.

Odds are if we are on your property you’ll see our crew taking a few moments during the job to set up a camera. We may pause and to a few takes explaining what it is we are doing as we perform a particular activity for a project. We may also get some video or photos of our team interacting with customers and one another.  We do these things for many reason and these go beyond just some witty post on social media.  

One reason in particular is that by visually documenting the progress of a job, we are able to teach future generations of landscapers. Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape even has an education website of it’s own dedicated to training staff. 

Another reason we do this is that it makes our team more relate-able across multiple methods of social media. Sure, we may just be landscapers, turf guys, mowing dudes or whatever you label it… but we’re still people, not robots. When we capture goofy stuff during the day, we’re able to set our landscape team apart from other landscape companies out there. This has been a great social media tool to attract new folks to the team in terms of employment and also as clients. 

The videos we post on social media have also helped us improve the way we complete a landscape job. When we come to the table with a landscape bid or estimate for a patio… we know what it takes each step of the way. We’ve been able to capture standards to prove our landscape production rates taking what could be a “guess-estimate” into something more concrete. We like to think this is one of the things that makes our landscape team more professional!

So, through the winter months, we had a blast creating social media content for us landscapers on the website, facebook, instagram, and on youtube. As we move forward, there will be even more to come. 

If you find yourself having time to kill and are a fan of Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape check out our youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUwD2cnpU41m1nKI55dLV3Q

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WinklersLawnCareKC/