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14 March

Renewal Success

It’s official, we’ve had 100% renewal from our commercial client base for the 2012 season. On the commercial end, we package lawn maintenance, turf management, landscape maintenance, and irrigation services. It is awesome to have this type of support from our customers.

With this type of success, we’ve been offering these types of seasonal packages to more residential homeowners. We’ve found that people, be it commercial property managers or home owners, want to keep things simple and what’s more simple than having one contact, Winkler’s, for all of your lawn, landscape, and snow removal needs?

7 March

What Snow?

In the green industry, you can’t rely on Snow to make it through a winter-not in Missouri anyway. So how did we stay busy? We focused on projects consisting of non-living materials, projects like retaining walls, waterfalls, and drainage improvement features where the bulk of the material is concrete, stone, or earth.

One of our favorite’s from the winter is this waterfall:

We started this project during the last week of December. The first phase included the dirt work and bolder / rock placement, as well as the plumbing. We also completed the electrical components and a maintenance of the landscaping around the waterfall at that time. With the colder temperatures setting in, we waited until this past week to get the plumbing up and running. With the plumbing complete, the waterfall came to life and began creating the beautiful tones of moving water.

2 March

Referral Discounts

Looking to save on your next bill? We offer a $25.00 discount off of your next service when you refer a friend, family member, or neighbor for one of our Turf Management Programs.

We’re grateful to have three customers refer us this past week to new customers! We even had an existing customer send in an email to a friend of theirs in which we were copied. The email had a
recommendation to their friend and outlined our contact info-what more could we ask for???

We hope that with our new website referring a friend will be even easier-just send them to www.winklerslawncare.com! Thanks to everyone for the referrals that you have sent over the years.

Growing by word of mouth is such a compliment to “Winkler’s.”

1 March

Celebrate Brandon Grosko

Today celebrates 1 year of service for Mr. Brandon Grosko, lead sales and account manager for Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape. Brandon has brought a wealth of industry knowledge to Winkler’s and has been a remarkable Team Player in developing relationships on behalf of the company with potential customers, vendors, and employees alike.

We can’t thank you enough Brandon, it’s a blessing having you around!

29 February

New Website Launch


TILPRO Web Design, Internet Marketing & Graphic Desig

“What’s TILPRO,” you’re thinking… TILPRO is an acronym that stands for Top Internet Listing Professionals. This is the web development and internet marketing group that we chose to develop, launch, and maintain this amazing site you’re currently navigating.

We had a great experience working with their team and can’t thank them enough in regards to how excited we are about the new site.

Visit their website at www.tilpro.com to learn more.