Deep Root Tree Fertilization, or any landscape planting fertilization for that matter, is one of the most overlooked opportunities to keep your landscape thriving.

Most folks understand the importance of fertilizing their lawn. It just makes sense. But when it comes landscape plantings, shrubs, and trees… we often get a sort of confused look from folks when we ask about fertilization of these areas. 

Fertilizing shrubs, plants, trees will help keep landscape plantings strong. Strength is important as this helps safeguard against limb damage and debris that can often result from summer storms. Strength often comes from the ground up. Meaning, the upper portion or canopy of a tree need to have good-deep roots. Roots spread out and deep to secure water, nutrients and other needs to keep the tree thriving. 

While we target a Deep Root Tree Fertilization application at your existing trees, pairing this visit with a landscape bed pre-emergent or landscape bed fertilization is a win win. 

Deep Root Tree Fertilization applications starting around $85.00 and go up from their depending on tree quantity and size. Pairing these visits with other Turf Management or Tree and Shrub applications is a sure way to get more bang for your buck!