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Designing a landscape

Designing A Landscape

Completing a landscape dream project isn’t an overnight event or even week long event. It takes time. A great starting point for designing a landscape is a design consultation. Essentially the design consultation process is kind of like dating.

Design consultation

During the process to design a landscape, the consultations goal is to meet with you(AND YOUR PARTNER), build a relationship, and ask questions that allow our design team to gather as much information as  possible about your project or the dream for your home. Now, we hope the conversation doesn’t just go one way. Choosing a reputable landscape company is based on many factors and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We hope that you ask questions as well or have done a little homework!


Here are a few big questions to consider BEFORE having a consultation to design a landscape:

  • What’s your budget?
  • What’s your time frame?
  • Have you gather examples of projects or have pictures to communicate your vision?
  • Is the project a single project or part of a series(completed in phases)?

Now, of course Winkler’s can help you with these thing, but again- it takes time.

When considering the time frame of your landscape project, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Plant/Material availability
  • Weather
  • Backlog
  • Proper planning

We want to help you accomplish the landscape project, but in a way that meets your expectations. There are certain times in the season, that our backlog doesn’t allow for a project to be turned around in a week or even two weeks. We’ve had experienced material shortages from vendors, when days before all supplies were in check. Much like this spring, rains have caused more than a few interruptions over the years.

The best way to meet expectations is through a thorough design consultation process. This can be a combination of meet and greets, site evaluations, visits to suppliers or material yards, phone calls, and emails. We can even walk along side you and introduce you to past clients and let you see completed work in person! Working through decisions and locking in materials and a final landscape design before the project begins will help maximize the success of your landscape project.



Winkler’s doesn’t just want to install your dream project. We want to walk along side you through the process, answer questions, and be available to help maintain your lawn and landscape for years to come.

Contact Winkler’s to schedule designing a landscape for your property.