Many of the lawns here in Platte County and Clay County are still slow to turn around from this year’s drought. Fall seedings are usually supported with rains and cooler temperatures, but this was not the case this year. Many homeowners chose not to foot the bill for additional watering or couldn’t keep up with the time involved in dragging the hose and sprinklers around.

Frosty grass

Frosty grass

If your lawn is still not where you would like it to be, you may be thinking, “What are my options?” Here are some suggestions from Winkler’s:

Dormant Seeding– similar to fall seeding; however, seed will germinate next spring due to cooler temperatures. We recommend dormant seeding between Thanksgiving and Christmas as this helps the germination occur as early in the spring as possible. Seed sown in December can out compete spring/summer weeds from filling in bare spots. Dormant seeding is still possible from January to March, but the later into the season the seed is applied, the later the germination will occur.

Frost Seeding /Snow Seeding– timing a seeding application when the ground is slightly moist and set to freeze or snow, will help work and hold the new seed into the soil. This increases the seed to soil contact rate, which ultimately increases your chances of the new seed germinating.

Lawn Renovation– if your lawn is really bad, it might need seeding accompanied by a mechanical process such as aerating or verticutting. These processes improve the seed to soil rate dramatically; therefore, increasing seed germination. Aerating will also help de-compact hard soils and provide more oxygen to have access to the root zone of the turf. Verticutting will alleviate the amount of thatch blocking nutrients from reaching the root zone. In some instances raking may be require raking to corral and haul thatch from the site. Click here to read more on Renovation Services.

Remember, having a consistently good looking lawn is never a “one and done” application. The best lawns are those that have routine fertilizer and weed control applications, regular mowing, and proper irrigation. Seeding is just one piece of the pie, but luckily Winkler’s can cover All of your lawn and landscape’s needs!