Our landscape design guys come up with some pretty cool projects. Last year we were able to work on this project for a homeowner in Weatherby Lake area of Kansas City. The project features a gas lit fire pit, wall block seating walls both made from Belgard Retaining Wall stone. A set of flagstone slabs created an stepping stone pathway to a paver patio. A light mix of native plants framed the patio area separating an upper and lower set of retaining walls. 

The front and sides of the home received a little bit of landscape enhancement work as well. These areas had some drainage features installed to carry excess rain water away from the home keeping the basement dry! The front landscape beds were enhanced with natural stone to create a natural stone edging which separated the mulch beds from the turf regions. 

It’s not every day that we get to do a Gas lit Fire Pit and Patio. So, when we do, we value those opportunities and want to make an impact through providing these type of landscaping services that goes beyond just a “one-off” project. This project is one of those times that we’ve built a good relationship with the homeowner and more landscape opportunity is in the works!

A fun noteworthy perk to this project is how while we completed the work we were able to meet and build relationships with other homeowners in the cul-de-sac. As we write this, a meeting for followup landscape work is set for later this week. We also happen to have a landscape meeting scheduled the same day to discuss a paver patio and other landscape work with a neighbor adjacent to the proud owner of this Gas lit Fire Pit and Patio.