Hillcrest Ministries food drive Platte CityGreetings,

Will you partner with Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape to help meet food and hygiene needs in our local community through the Watermelon Wagon?

Two years ago, Winkler’s launched its first supply drive via the Watermelon Wagon. With the help of our Platte City customer base, two truckloads of goodies were collected and distributed to those in need by local food pantries. This year, the Watermelon Wagon will be cruising the streets of Platte City and helping to restock the Hillcrest Transitional Housing Pantry. If you can, simply fill the bag we supply with items listed below, and we’ll return the following week to pick the bags up!

Target Bag Delivery Day(s)- December 3rd, 4th, 5th

Target Bag Pick Up Day(s)- December 10th, 11th, 12th

(Pickup will be pushed back to the following week if a snow storm occurs between the dates above.)


Meat-bacon, hamburger, chicken, sausage, etc
Sandwich bags, Storage/freezer bags, Plastic food wrap, Aluminum foil
Plastic silverware (especially forks-use for resident events)
Toilet paper, Paper towels
Cleaning supplies
Body wash
Vegetable/cooking oil
Powdered sugar
Cake mixes, Pie crusts-graham cracker, etc
Pancake syrup
Canned fruit (not cranberries)
Salad dressing
Taco seasoning
Refried beans
Enchilada sauce
Taco shells
Chicken broth
French fried onions
Juice-any type
**The Hillcrest Pantry has A LOT of beans, soups, and canned veggies at this time**