Grub Worm

If you’re wondering, how to apply grub control, here’s a few tips to consider:

First, measure your lawn so that you know how much material to get.

Second, reflect on the needs of your lawn. Some grub control products come mixed into a granular fertilizer. Others, can be applied as a stand alone granular or liquid application. As we enter into summer, a little boost of nitrogen can extend the growing season and help prolong a green look for your lawn.

Third, if using a granular grub control product, calibrate your spreader to match the recommendations outlined on the products label.

Fourth, begin pushing the spreader to distribute product evenly throughout your property. Be careful not to overlap too little, or double up in turns or along the perimeter.

Fifth, most granular applications strongly suggest watering the product in. After you sweep excess granules from your sidewalks/driveway, applying a light dose of rain will help settle the product into the soil and begin activating it so that your lawn will have a better defense against damages resulting from grubs.

Of course, if these steps seem overwhelming, or you don’t have the time to mess with getting your grub control application down-Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape can help!

Grub control applications are standard to our 6 Step Turf Management Program. Whether you need assistance with all applications, or just one application, we are here to help provide you with a good looking lawn all season long.

Damage associated with grub worms is much more expensive to fix after the fact, rather than performing routine applications to help control the number of grubs living in your turf regions. We recommend planning ahead and staying the course to a routine turf application program for optimal results.