Landscape Maintenance Visit


There are just too many months between spring and fall for landscape plantings to grow without the guidance of  a little tlc. To help customers maintain an attractive landscape all season long, we off stand alone landscape maintenance visits and ongoing monthly landscape maintenance visits. 

Unless your landscape is a one of a kind garden comprising of thousands of square feet of landscape beds or hundreds upon hundreds of landscape plantings… a monthly landscape maintenance visit can likely be performed in an hours time by our landscape maintenance crews. 
A typical monthly landscape maintenance visit would include services such as:
Landscape Bed and Tree Ring Weeding
Selective pruning and shaping of landscape plantings
Removal of debris and disposal of organic material from landscaped areas
Pre ergent weed control application to suppress future weeds from popping up
Spot spraying of hard to control weeds, like grasses, that can take over a landscape bed
These landscape maintenance services give our landscape maintenance crews an opportunity to inspect your plantings on a regular basis and from there identify if additional services may be needed. Additional services like Tree and shrub applications can be performed to manage outbreaks related to pest issues such as bagworm or fungal outbreaks as needed.
And, from time to time, it may be noticed that a drainage issue has developed or a plant is in need of replacement. With our experienced landscaper staff onsite we can communicate these concerns pro actively to help you make the right decisions to properly manage your property. 
Give us a call or schedule an appointment for a landscape maintenance visit or to receive an estimate on landscape maintenance visit pricing. Click here to Contact Winkler’s.