Lawn mowing Platte CityLawn Maintenance (mowing) is about more than just having a lawn with pretty stripes. As fall begins, mowing plays a critical role in the health of your lawn. We see a tendency for homeowners to begin taking more time between mowings. This causes issues because lengthy grass can accumulate on a recently cut lawn and cause a build up of thatch. Thatch is a layer of organic material found near the root zone of the grass blade. Too much thatch prevents nutrients from getting to the roots of the grass blade and is a breeding ground for disease and pests.

We understand that you’ve been working hard with your lawn maintenance all summer long, but finish strong. Over the next few weeks, Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape recommends lowering the mowing height of your lawn mower so that the last few cuts of the season reduce the height that the grass is during the winter months.

We don’t mean, scalp the lawn and leave it bare. No, we mean, cut the lawn so that it is left between 2-3″ going into winter. This will help the grass blade root deeper during winter months and keep the property looking clean.

If you really want to go over the top and give your lawn a boost for the 2014 season, apply a late season fertilizer or “Winterizer” application to your lawn. Feeding your lawn late in the season will enhance the color come spring, but more importantly will provide nutrients that help your lawn feed later into the year. Going strong into winter, means your lawn will come out stronger in spring.

Also, we recommend a late season fertilizer application for any property that has had fall seeding completed. The new seed will benefit from a boost of nutrients and help it to harden off (mature) before the first freeze.

If you have questions on how to get your lawn looking best, don’t think that it’s too late now. Routine maintenance is key and there’s always an on ramp around the corner to the highway of a beautiful lawn!

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