If you have moles, you might be thinking… “why me?”

Mole Activty

Mole Activty

Unfortunately, moles are active year round here in the Kansas City area. During certain periods that activity increase and is that much more noticeable.

Moles tend to gravitate towards the “Harvards” of lawns or landscapes and enjoy the abundance of food sources that are found around tree roots and plantings. Moles are also commonly found around fields or pasture ground. If you’re home backs up to a wooded area… it is inevitable that at some point you will have moles.

So, what can be done to manage the activity? Winkler’s offers a Mole Management Program targeted at eliminating activity and keeping future activity at a minimum.

Our program consists of 2 phases. The first phase is consists of 3 visits within a 2 week window. During this time activity is monitored, flagged, and baited using a bait that mimics the moles nature food source. Once activity is controlled phase 2 begins. Phase 2 consists of re-occuring visits spaced at 6-8 week intervals. These visits monitor for new activity and when or if present additional baiting is performed.

We offer a discount on Mole Management Services for any customers currently enrolled in a Turf Management Program. Contact us today if you would like to add Mole Management to your program.