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15 March

Spring Landscaping and Mulch

Spring Landscaping and Mulch

Winkler’s Landscape Trucks are loaded up each spring delivering mulch, spreading mulch, and freshening old mulch beds all throughout the months of March, April, and May. These three months account for about 80% of the mulch season. Dark Brown, Black and Double Ground mulch is stocked onsite so we readily have a supply to freshen up your landscape beds.

Spring isn’t the only time to bring in mulch for landscape beds. As plants and nursery stock become more available around tax time, new installation projects pick up and thus the spring landscape mulch season is extended. If weather is good, plantings can be completed on into July. We typically break for August and resume fall plantings and mulch work in September and carry through the end of December.

Some folks get excited about this “annual landscape chore,” while others dread it. We appreciate both perspectives. Why? Those green thumb neighbors of yours create a bit of envy around the neighborhood. One by one other neighbors begin to think, “humm, well maybe we should do something about the mulch for our landscape beds.” And, in time, the neighborhood becomes a little more vibrant with mulch complimenting landscape beds around trees, mailboxes, entryways to homes, subdivision islands, and sweeping perimeter landscape beds.

Now, some of this is done by homeowners who enjoy this kind of work… Others though, well maybe time is a constraint preventing them from topdressing their mulch beds, so it’s hired out. Others, the chore may be too physically challenging so a landscape company is brought out. And of course some, well, they’d just rather pay to have it done. We delighted to help in any way we can.

Contact Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape to start planning your next landscape enhancement or if you just need some fresh mulch for landscape beds around your home.

2 March

Lawn Care Weed Control Program

Lawn stripes summer lawn service

Chances are your mailbox has been stuffed lately with a slew of mailers from other lawn care and weed control service providers. If it’s not your mailbox, maybe it’s a flyer on your door knob or a baggy filled with grass seed and a business card that was thrown out onto your driveway. As a homeowner, these things frustrate me. So, while it’s good to be informed, sometimes it seems like there’s too much noise when it comes to marketing lawn and landscape services. At times, even these blog posts and the facebook posts we put out for lawn care services seem to just add to the noise. So, we’re sorry if it’s too much. If it’s not though, keep reading:

As winter draws to a close our team works hard to revisit old estimates and release a wave of new estimates to our existing customers. We take care of existing customer FIRST and offer a nice fertilizer program discount for early enrollment in one of our Lawn Care Programs. After the folks that have been using our services year after year are taken care of, we look for opportunities to grown and meet new clients.

Why? Our existing customers got to where we are. We don’t have a high turn over like the Billion dollar Scott / Trugreen Lawn Care company (yeah Billion 1,000,000,000 plus). Now, we can’t count all of our customers on our toes and hands either, but more than likely we can rattle off the names of all the customers we service on your street or in your neighborhood and possibly the names of their pets or kids.

With the season starting just around the corner, the first application has begun and our Turf Management Program Round 1 consisting of Crabgrass pre-emergent with fertilizer has a very important role in keeping your lawn looking good all season long. The timing of this lawn application is crucial to helping your lawn stay weed free by preventing small weeds from coming back.

The basic Turf Management Program consists of roughly 6 rounds of applications with nutrients targeted at creating a favorable environment for the overall health and look of your lawn. We say roughly 6 applications, as some folks choose to add a few supplemental treatments to provide their lawn with a little special attention. We’ll make recommendations, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Supplemental treatments range anywhere from a surface insecticide to help control critters like fleas, ticks, mites, and sod web worms or turf building services comprised of aerating and overseeding. The first of which is recommended by 9 out of 10 dogs.

We have a pretty good idea of what’s best for your lawn, but we are glad to create and provide a program that is based off of your goals, not ours. So, let’s talk it over. Let the turf guys at Winkler’s know how we can help you this season with your fertilizer program.

What is something that makes Winkler’s different than other Lawn Care companies? Our customers can tell we care. We have received feedback on many occasions such as:

  • “You’re guys actually shut the gate to my fence. Thanks!”
  • “How do you find such good employees?”
  • “Your fertilizer guy was here, he is a really nice guy. I enjoyed talking to him today.”
  • “when Joe was by he mentioned I should have a treatment for my trees, what do I need to do to get that?”
  • “I gave your number to my neighbor. They should be calling you.”

If saving up to 10% sounds good, let’s get the ball rolling. We offer a 10% pre-pay discount up to December 31st. 10% drop to 5% up to March 1st and either way, you can pay as you go with per occurrence applications.

Contact Winkler’s today for your Lawn Care Weed Control Program.

25 February

Lawn and Landscape Team Members

Lawn and Landscape Team huddle Winklers Lawn Care & Landscape

“Make hay when the sun is shining,” they say. Well, to do that, we need a solid team of hay makers. Our hay makers are lawn and landscape team members that are passionate about mowing lawns, spreading fertilizer, moving rock, block, dirt, and mulch to create beautiful landscape areas and help keep neighborhoods.

If you ask the guys, they’ll tell you that they enjoy what they do. There’s rough days, hot days, rainy/cold days… but there’s a breed of men and women who are wired to work outdoors and with their hands. Without a doubt, we’re grateful for these folks.

If this sounds like you, we need to meet. If you’re passionate about serving others through the means of lawn and landscape service… it sounds like you’d be a great fit for our lawn and landscape teams.

Visit our team page or click here to send over an application/resume.



21 October

Fall 2017 Lawn and Landscape Ideas

Leaf raking Leaf removal Fall Cleanup Kansas City Lawn Care

Looking for lawn and landscape ideas this fall? Or maybe, just need a fresh reminder of “what’s best” to do in terms of maintaining your property? Here are a few recommended ideas from the lawn and landscape pros:

-Continue mowing so as to leave your lawn 2-3″ tall during winter for best health!

-Clean out leaves from landscape and turf areas!

-Don’t forget to winterize your sprinkler system!

-Lock in 2017 fertilization, mowing, and landscape service agreements for multi service and pre-pay discounts!

-Plan a new landscape addition or enhancement!

-Consider drainage enhancements and rain water management projects prior to those heavy spring rains!

-Tired of looking at that ugly old tree stump. We offer discounted stump grinding rates during winter months!

-Consider dormant seeding or sod to fill in stubborn bare areas!

These are just a few ideas that can help you have the best experience your property has to offer. This fall’s weather has led to more requests to drainage solution projects that ever before. If you’ve ever considered a french drain, dry well, rock splash, extending or burying drain tile from your downspouts… now’s the time to get that work done before spring hits. Contact Winkler’s to discuss your Fall lawn and landscape ideas.




25 July

New Construction Landscape

New Construction landscapeIt sure seems like the housing market has rebounded! This is great news for real estate agents, builders, developers, and even us landscapers are feeling the trickle down effects of growing neighborhoods. New construction landscape projects have been on the rise too. Most builders go with a basic landscape package for staging aspects of selling the home and to keep the home in the right price point for potential buyers. Enhancing or upgrading a new construction landscape after the fact is really pretty easy. So, if you’ve recently purchased a home or are planning to, don’t let a basic new construction landscape hinder your decision making too much.

We were able to work with the clients who purchased the home above going into the build out of the home. A complimentary landscape that would be low maintenance, beautiful, and also help create privacy around the home. A big win with this project was working with clients who had a long view or longer timeline in achieving their dreamscape(a dream landscape).

The first wave was to finish a series of retaining walls that followed the home’s structure and install landscape edging, decorative river rock, and plantings suitable for the environment. Phase two is a series of tree plantings to help provide some shade as the two hunker into retirement and a bit of privacy from a nearby street. We’re set to begin planting trees this spring! Lastly, there’s a big dream for more of an outdoor living area. A larger scale project for entertaining. This phase is still in the design and planning stages, but may include an outdoor kitchen, built in stone fireplace or firepit and more expansive paver patio type areas.

New construction from landsape with boulder feature and retaining wall

So… if there’s no sod or already sod, we’re hear to discuss your new construction landscape project. Click here to contact the landscape team at Winkler’s.