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21 October

Fall 2017 Lawn and Landscape Ideas

Leaf raking Leaf removal Fall Cleanup Kansas City Lawn Care

Looking for lawn and landscape ideas this fall? Or maybe, just need a fresh reminder of “what’s best” to do in terms of maintaining your property? Here are a few recommended ideas from the lawn and landscape pros:

-Continue mowing so as to leave your lawn 2-3″ tall during winter for best health!

-Clean out leaves from landscape and turf areas!

-Don’t forget to winterize your sprinkler system!

-Lock in 2017 fertilization, mowing, and landscape service agreements for multi service and pre-pay discounts!

-Plan a new landscape addition or enhancement!

-Consider drainage enhancements and rain water management projects prior to those heavy spring rains!

-Tired of looking at that ugly old tree stump. We offer discounted stump grinding rates during winter months!

-Consider dormant seeding or sod to fill in stubborn bare areas!

These are just a few ideas that can help you have the best experience your property has to offer. This fall’s weather has led to more requests to drainage solution projects that ever before. If you’ve ever considered a french drain, dry well, rock splash, extending or burying drain tile from your downspouts… now’s the time to get that work done before spring hits. Contact Winkler’s to discuss your Fall lawn and landscape ideas.




25 July

New Construction Landscape

New Construction landscapeIt sure seems like the housing market has rebounded! This is great news for real estate agents, builders, developers, and even us landscapers are feeling the trickle down effects of growing neighborhoods. New construction landscape projects have been on the rise too. Most builders go with a basic landscape package for staging aspects of selling the home and to keep the home in the right price point for potential buyers. Enhancing or upgrading a new construction landscape after the fact is really pretty easy. So, if you’ve recently purchased a home or are planning to, don’t let a basic new construction landscape hinder your decision making too much.

We were able to work with the clients who purchased the home above going into the build out of the home. A complimentary landscape that would be low maintenance, beautiful, and also help create privacy around the home. A big win with this project was working with clients who had a long view or longer timeline in achieving their dreamscape(a dream landscape).

The first wave was to finish a series of retaining walls that followed the home’s structure and install landscape edging, decorative river rock, and plantings suitable for the environment. Phase two is a series of tree plantings to help provide some shade as the two hunker into retirement and a bit of privacy from a nearby street. We’re set to begin planting trees this spring! Lastly, there’s a big dream for more of an outdoor living area. A larger scale project for entertaining. This phase is still in the design and planning stages, but may include an outdoor kitchen, built in stone fireplace or firepit and more expansive paver patio type areas.

New construction from landsape with boulder feature and retaining wall

So… if there’s no sod or already sod, we’re hear to discuss your new construction landscape project. Click here to contact the landscape team at Winkler’s.


10 June



The name Bagworm seems innocent enough, almost cute. These insects though, they wreak havoc on many kinds of trees in our area. Most commonly, bagworms are found on arborvitae or juniper trees. Usually, they become present in our area around June. Once they find a suitable host plant, bagworms begin feeding and creating “sacks” from the host’s leaf material. It’s in the sack that next generation of bagworms grow and develop. Removing these sacks is critical to stopping the development of the next generation of caterpillars. The sacks can have upwards of one thousand eggs!

While one method to rid an infested tree of bagworms is to handpick the tree free of the sacks, another is a timely insecticide application. Insecticide applications around the 4th of July have been shown to have the most success. Targeting the caterpillars in the earlier stages of their life cycle has shown to be more effective than as they age and become more mature.

On occasion, multiple insecticide applications may be needed. If so, we recommend a 1 to 2 week split between the first and second spraying. If you are concerned that your trees may be targets for this season’s wave of bagworms, give the team at Winkler’s a call. These applications can be completed as a stand alone app or part of a complete program servicing all of your lawn and landscape spraying needs.



26 May

Curvy Landscape

BnB Design office space landscape enhancement

For the gals at BnB Design, this landscape was about curves! (I say that kind of tongue in cheek.) Really, it wasn’t so much a curvy landscape as they wanted to dress up the front of their office space and replace the outdated landscape that was best described as, “eeehhh?”

The curvy landscape came in to play as a way to contrast the sidewalk that is a 30′ straight shot to the main entrance. Larger, flowing beds allowed for more space within the planted areas so that an existing tree could be incorporated to the entry feature. The larger beds also allowed for some spruce trees to be planted framing the stairs leading to the porch. Space was really the win as much of the old landscaping was over crowded and placed within 12-18″ from the homes foundation.

As the gals often access the neighboring parking lot through the lawn, a set of stepping stones leads way to the adjacent parking area. Low maintenance plants and trees were selected and a nice large boulder stands firm nearest the intersecting sidewalk.


It’s safe to say it’s quite the change from the original look. Just one more example of how  a curvy landscape, couple plants, and fresh mulch can go a long way in bringing your property the curb appeal it deserves.

Contact Winkler’s to discuss your landscape and how we can help you achieve the curb appeal you deserve!

13 May

Yard Pest Control

Outdoor areas good for families and pets

When it’s beautiful out, it’s hard to not want to be outside. Sometimes, an evening outside can leave you, your family, and your pets itchy and scratching. Aside from creating beautiful landscape and outdoor living areas, Winkler’s offers a lineup of yard pest control solutions to make those times outside more enjoyable.

A common yard pest control application for this time of the season is what we call a Surface Insecticide. A surface insecticide is typically a spray application used to control bugs and insects in the lawn and around the home. If you are having problems with fleas, ticks, spider mites, chinch bugs or other lawn pests a surface insecticide application may be just the trick you need to make life a little less itchy.

Yard pest control applications can be paired with other lawn care applications to control weeds and other turf pests. Similar to the lawn, we generally see an uptick in pests that feed on ornamental trees around late May and into June. Bagworms and sawflies are two examples of tree pests to be on the watch for.

If you’ve had enough of bugs in your lawn and are ready to discuss yard pest control solutions for your home, contact Winkler’s today.