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20 April

Gas lit Fire Pit and Patio

Our landscape design guys come up with some pretty cool projects. Last year we were able to work on this project for a homeowner in Weatherby Lake area of Kansas City. The project features a gas lit fire pit, wall block seating walls both made from Belgard Retaining Wall stone. A set of flagstone slabs created an stepping stone pathway to a paver patio. A light mix of native plants framed the patio area separating an upper and lower set of retaining walls. 

The front and sides of the home received a little bit of landscape enhancement work as well. These areas had some drainage features installed to carry excess rain water away from the home keeping the basement dry! The front landscape beds were enhanced with natural stone to create a natural stone edging which separated the mulch beds from the turf regions. 

It’s not every day that we get to do a Gas lit Fire Pit and Patio. So, when we do, we value those opportunities and want to make an impact through providing these type of landscaping services that goes beyond just a “one-off” project. This project is one of those times that we’ve built a good relationship with the homeowner and more landscape opportunity is in the works!

A fun noteworthy perk to this project is how while we completed the work we were able to meet and build relationships with other homeowners in the cul-de-sac. As we write this, a meeting for followup landscape work is set for later this week. We also happen to have a landscape meeting scheduled the same day to discuss a paver patio and other landscape work with a neighbor adjacent to the proud owner of this Gas lit Fire Pit and Patio. 

14 April

Seasonal Lawn Care Jobs

We are in the trenches day in and day out this time of the year. If you’re looking for Seasonal Lawn Care Jobs, we’d love to hear from you. As we shift from late winter landscape maintenance to new landscape installation and hardscape construction projects, we are looking for a few extra hands to help in the production process of these jobs… Too, we’d welcome some folks to join our lawn maintenance crews.  

Let us know if you have past experience in these types of services or are interested in learning more about our team. A seasonal lawn care job may be just what you need in between summer break and starting classes back in the fall.

Again, if you’re looking for seasonal lawn care jobs, we want to hear from you. Click Here to contact Winkler’s.

12 April

Landscape Maintenance Company Near Me

Do you need a landscape maintenance company near me (you) to maintain or clean up your existing landscape? 

We are glad you found us and hope we can help make your landscape what you want, be it landscape maintenance or a new landscape feature. Our crews are out almost every day in a neighborhood nearby. 
As the spring months have progressed extra moisture and the right conditions have caused your existing plants to take off. Its likely that some of your plants have become overgrown or woolly looking. 
Many shrubs grow at a fairly predicable rate during the growing season, but occasionally you might notice a set of shrubs looking like the hair do worn by Alf Alfa from the notorious “he-man woman hater club!”
Regardless of what maintenance your landscape may need, our staff is experienced and can present an estimate to outline what could and should be done to help keep your plants healthy and shapely. We want to be your choice of landscape company near me (you).
Getting the ball rolling for your next landscape maintenance visit is a click away. Click here to contact a landscape maintenance company near you.
8 April

lawn care company near me

Are you in the hunt for a lawn care company near me (you)? 

Dandelion and other Broadleaf weeds are in full bloom now. If you’re loosing the fight keeping your lawn weed free, finding a lawn care company near me (you) may be just what you need. 

Our Turf Management Crews are knowledgeable, professional, and eager to resolve your weed control needs. A Lawn Care Program is crucial step in achieving a weed free lawn. Knowing the right lawn care products to apply and when to apply them can often seem overwhelming to folks who are new to the process. 

That is where a lawn care company already servicing other properties in your area can be your ace in the hole. If we’re out in your neighborhood, odds are we are familiar with the soil you have and can help identify what exactly may be holding your lawn back from being what you want it to be. This is one of the benefits from choosing a lawn care company near you.

When it comes to dandelion and broadleaf weeds, these are easily controlled by a blanket weed control application. Round 2 of our Turf Management Program is a liquid application targeted at taking care of these frustrating weeds. We offer blanket weed spray apps as part of the lawn care program, but also as a stand alone service. 

A stand alone Weed Control spray starts around $85.00. As a lawn care company, we hope that you choose to have us perform as complete lawn care program as in doing so you will ensure that your lawn is getting what it needs at the correct intervals needed to help it be in optimal health. As a benefit, customers who enroll in a turf program can get more bang for their buck. We offer pre-payment discounts and are even known to give away free services for returning customers through drawings and as a thank you for referrals received.

Click here to Contact Winkler’s Lawn Care about a weed control application for your property. The lawn care company near you of choice!

5 April

Mowing Service Near Me

When we hear from new customers we often ask, “How did you hear about us?” If the answer isn’t from a neighbor or friend, the response is usually something like, “I googled “mowing service near me.””
So, if you are looking for a mowing service near me, we’re glad you found us. We’ve been around a bit, 20 years actually.  We also plan to be around many more!
If you’re new to Winkler’s, there are a few things that we do a little differently than some mowing services out there. For one most of our customers receive 2 or 3 different types of lawn and landscape services beyond just mowing services. They value having a knowledgeable company onsite and one that has an office staff in place to help manage questions that come up throughout the season. 
To be honest, most of our customers have been with us many seasons. Over half of the 800-1000 customers we service in a given year have been using Winklers Lawn Care & Landscape for 3 years or more. (we do not mow for 800-1000 customers, that is across all services we provide)
In an industry that typically has a high turn over rate, we have been fortunate to build a lawn care & landscape brand that is the neighborhood “go to” for many neighborhoods throughout Platte City, Parkville, Gladstone, Liberty, Smithville, and Kansas City. It just seems fitting then, that we would be the mowing services near me (you).
What is the catch… we don’t take on more properties than what our mowing crews can effectively handle. Just as we expect our customers to be choosy about finding the right fit for them, we have to be choosy about what clients we service. 
A few seasons back, we began only providing services for customers that we provide turf management (fertilization and weed control) service for. This was tough. We felt it was the right thing to do because it is not fair for us to carry weeds from a non fertilized and weed controlled property to one that is working hard and paying extra to keep weeds out! 
Too, lawns that are fertilized and watered, typically grow a little more in a season. This allows our staff to have more consistent work through the year. As a result, Winklers Lawn Care is able to attract an employee a higher caliber to provide these services. Lets face it, a good employee can’t afford to live of of 7 or 8 months of work. 
If you think Winkler’s is the mowing service near me (you), that you would like to have provide your lawn or landscape services, let us know. Click here to contact a mowing service near me (you).