What is Overseeding?

Planting of grass into your lawn with new seed in a fashion that does not require mechanical delivery.

Why Overseed?

  • Thicker Growth
  • Better color
  • Greater resistance to disease and drought

When to Overseed?

Without a doubt, the best time to seed is in the fall. Temperatures are perfect for increasing the success rates of seed germination and growth. Mother nature also provides relief in the form of rain and moderate sunshine. With the help of fertilizing, the new seedlings will be established before cooler fall weather sets in. In the fall, weed competition is less of a factor and gives the new grass a better shot at making it through the winter and into spring.

How to schedule Overseeding?

Contact us by calling our office at 816-588-6434.

You can also click here to send in a request.

We offer a discount on turf building services when you combine multiple services. Pair overseeding with aerating, verticutting, or lime to save $$$!