Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire pits come in a wide array of various styles. For example, more cost-friendly options would be a simple stone fire ring in the backyard, mobile stainless steel or copper bowls, and clay chimineas. Secondly, we offer more permanent features like stone and tile fire pits.  Fire pits typically are round or square and are usually about 3’-5’ in diameter. Here at Winkler’s, we are not limited to the usual and are capable of creating a more unique style and size better fitting for your home and lifestyle. Customize your new fire pit by selecting a cooking grill, fire screen, fire brick bottom, and/or vinyl cover for when not in use.

While fire pits can be cost friendly and enhance your outdoor living space, an outdoor fireplace can add that majestic feel and look a fire pit may not be able to match. Fireplaces add to your property value and create a custom and unique setting unlike anything else. Whether you are looking for a pre-fabricated stone veneer fireplace with a low rise chimney or you are envisioning a true custom stone mason fireplace with wood storage boxes, hearth, sitting wall, lights, and water feature, Winkler’s has the knowledge and skills to accommodate you and your dreams.

When choosing a fire pit or fireplace that is right for you, it is important to consider your fuel options. A wood-burning feature has some pros and cons compared to a gas or propane method. A wood- burning feature will provide aromatic smells, crackling sounds, and can really imitate a true campfire with its warmth and light. This also means you will be building a fire and cleaning up as well. Using gas or propane will be easier to maintain and keep clean. You will sacrifice some of the natural benefits of a true campfire, but gain in the convenience of hitting a switch for gas or lighting a propane fire ring.

Fire safety is very important to know and be aware of when choosing and using your fire feature. The flames need to be 10’ from any structures or combustible surfaces. Check the local weather to avoid windy conditions that could feed and spread a fire quickly. Always have water nearby before you start the fire to ensure the safety of you, your friends, family, and property. Also, by no circumstances should you ever start a fire using gasoline.

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