Landscape / Hardscape Lighting

Dramatically enhance the beauty of any garden, outdoor living space, landscape, hardscape, or water feature with a custom (low voltage) lighting design from Winkler’s. Installing a landscape lighting system that will showcase architectural and plant features is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, provide safe access near paths, driveways, and entry ways, and increase security by discouraging potential intruders. Expand your outdoor living and entertainment areas, and increase your property value. Make your home the highlight of your neighborhood with a unique design and concept fit for you.

Winkler’s Lawn and Landscape considers safety, security, and aesthetic components when designing landscape lighting. We want to create the ideal outdoor environment for you to extend and enjoy your home at night. Our expert design and install team will accomplish this by highlighting landscape focal points, accenting pools, spas, ponds, waterfalls, and other water features, enhancing a deck, pergola, fire pit sitting area, and other hardscape features by using a number of different techniques.

  • Down Lighting or “Moonlighting”- above eye level on structure or tree
  • Up Lighting- low fixture location, spotlight for trees
  • Path Lighting- low to ground, illuminate down and outward. Walkways, steppers, stairs, etc. (Pictured Above)
  • Backlighting or “Silhouette Lighting”- illuminates large surfaces like walls using a wash light fixture
  • Shadowing-using the backlighting technique while using shadows to play on lager surfaces like walls

Winkler’s understands when it comes to a creative landscape lighting design, things must be considered like the wide array of fixtures and lamp choices, different lenses for special effects, timers, on/off control zones for specific areas, best locations to achieve the desired effects, minimal disturbance to your lawn and landscape, and the flexibility that allows for change or new additions.

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