Retaining, Freestanding, Seating Walls

Retaining and freestanding walls and columns have multiple purpose and functionality. These add beauty, value, and can be very impressionistic. Coming up with an aesthetically pleasing custom concept and design while assuring the structural integrity of the project is a type of cohesiveness our team of expert designers and installers thoroughly understand. Science and art coincide whether it’s breaking slopes to create level ground, retaining a landscape bed, creating sitting areas for entertainment and outdoor living, or adding something majestic and beautiful like a column for the mailbox or entry way. These types of construction bring life, conversation, and peace of mind to the extensions of your home. Winkler’s understands every customer has different needs, visions, and expectations regarding your satisfaction with the finished product and we strive to meet those goals to create what you have been dreaming.

Retaining walls are typically used to create level ground for better use of the area, retain a number of things including landscape beds, walkways, patios, parking, and multiple structures, and when designed and installed by Winkler’s, will enhance and compliment your home and lifestyle. Retaining and freestanding walls can be used for sitting areas and can be enhanced with options such as under-cap lighting and custom landscape design. Adding columns to these walls, an entry way, or something simple like creating a mailbox enclosure can be an easy way to add a majestic or impressionistic appeal to your beautiful home.

Here at Winkler’s, we use materials including natural stone and man-made wall block. Each comes in a wide array of style and color to meet your taste and budget. Our expert installers know the industry standards for proper footing, effective drainage, and adequate back-fill to ensure and guarantee the structural integrity of your wall(s) and/or column(s). Be sure to visit our gallery to inspire your next project.

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