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New Installation

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Beat the summer heat & drought with an irrigation system for your yard. Protect your investment with the addition of a Landscape Drip system.



Irrigation Turn Ons

Regularly monitoring and adjusting your irrigation system may increase the efficiency of your water usage and prevent small issues that your system may have before they become larger problems.


Winterization & Back-flow Testing

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Each fall, before the first frost, it is recommended that the irrigation system is winterized (water is blow out of the pipes) to ensure no issues during the cold winter temperatures; this can save you from big hassles later and thousands of dollars. We also perform back-flow testing that is mandatory by local municipalities.

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Back-flow testing is in full swing

We can perform the mandatory state and local requirements such as backflow testing.

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Service Information

Proper irrigation is a vital component to sustaining the health of your turf, plants, and trees. To achieve this goal we encourage our customers to perform regular maintenance and adjustments to their lawn irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems.

Allowing our specialist to monitor and adjust the system will help prevent possible issues related to over/under watering your property. An annual service call to check your system can also lead to the discover of unknown sprinkler issues that could be costing you money on your water bills.\

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 Contact Winkler’s Lawn Care,  and we can guide you through the process to install or maintain your system, specific to your property and goals.

Ensuring that your irrigation system is functioning properly is all the more important if you’ve made or plan to make an investment in your lawn, such as a Turf Building or Repair program.

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