Sprinkler Turn-On

Have you completed your sprinkler system turn on this year? Sooner or later the spring rains will cease and sprinkler systems will be meeting the watering needs for your lawn.

Spring is a perfect time to monitor your sprinkler system and make necessary adjustments to sprinkler heads to ensure that the throwing pattern is providing adequate coverage for your turf or landscape regions.

During the spring months, we typically receive a little bit of moisture, and over watering your lawn can lead to drainage issues or conditions that are not conducive to operating mowing equipment. Allowing our specialist to monitor and adjust the system will help prevent possible issues related to over/under watering your property. Having a specialist out to work through the system can also lead to the discover of unknown sprinkler issues. What we mean by this, is that many homeowners are not home or watch their sprinkler systems run. Assuming the system is working properly can lead to unexpected water bills.

Pair your sprinkler turn on with a backflow test to save on your next irrigation service visit!

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