Here at Winkler’s Lawn Care, our team sees mowing as a vital component for our customers to have the best looking property they can have. Providing weekly lawn mowing and maintenance for our customers is essential to maintaining the good health and composition of their lawns.

On top of having a good healthy lawn, the sight of a freshly cut lawn is one of beauty and is much like a canvas. Each week, during the growing periods, we get to rework the piece of art that is your lawn. After we are done, those new stripes pop over the old, giving your lawn a checkerboard look effect.

Another integral part of a healthy lawn is a weed control and fertilization program. With this fertilizer program by Winkler’s Lawn Care, you can expect to see a dramatic reduction in weeds and a drastic increase in green healthy grass. Weed control is extremely important to a healthy lawn. When weeds are present, they choke out healthy grass and harm root systems; and the weed problems only get worse with time if a weed control and fertilizer program is not in place. Fertilizer is the second component and often more important to your grass once the weeds are under control. Fertilizer gives your grass healthy nutrients vital to keeping thick lush grass.

While we are at your property to mow, we mow your grass, trim around all obstacles, edge the driveway and sidewalk and remove grass clippings from all hard surfaces and landscape beds. You’re always welcome ask our lawn maintenance team members a question. Odds are if it’s on your mind, we’ve experienced it before and are team is here to help!

Our mowing & maintenance services:

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