Trimming & Edging

Most people think of Winkler’s lawn maintenance service as just mowing. Lawn Maintenance is a lot more than that.

The service you receive goes beyond our visits to your property. As you consider your next lawn service company, remember that Winkler’s has a team of specialists here to assist you with questions, other services like fertilization and weed control programs, landscaping projects, irrigation repairs and maintenance, and even snow removal when winter comes.

While mowing is definitely a very important part and often the most visible of lawn services, a mower can only get so close to the edge of your landscape or your trees or other obstacles. As Winkler’s services your lawn, the grass around those objects is trimmed every week to keep the carpet-like evenness throughout your lawn.

In addition to trimming, we routinely edge hard surfaces such as sidewalks, entryways, and driveways to give your property a pristine, sharp look. As we maintain these areas we use an edger with a blade or “stick” edger, not just a weed eater. The blade edger allows us to get that sharp, straight cut on your yards edge.

Here is a little information about our lawn mowing service:

Each time we are at your property to mow, we mow your grass, trim around all obstacles, edge the driveway and sidewalk and remove grass clippings from all hard surfaces and landscape beds.

Our mowing & maintenance services:

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Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape offers Lawn Maintenance services in:

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