Its has finally cooled down, after the long summer heat wave, you’ve already done the fall seeding on your lawn and the first signs of the winter are appearing all around you. The tree in the front lawn starts turning into bright vivid colors and you know its only a short time before the trees in the back start turning and leaves start falling.

Leaf Cleanup can be daunting and downright miserable, even with a light breeze, which is why we offer our Leaf Cleanup service.  The typical way we deal with leaves is to mulch them with our commercial mowers. You may be thinking how doing this would make your lawn look better? Well there are two reasons: when we mulch up the leaves, it speeds up the decomposition process, which in-turn will help enrich the soil of your lawn, revitalizing your grass for the next season. The second reason is that leaf mulching typically takes less time than removing all the leaves off of your property, saving you money.

This time of year is one of the most beautiful and pleasurable times for us here at Winkler’s; the long hot summer is behind us and although the season is coming to a close, we get to prepare for the beginning of next season.

Don’t let this time of the season be daunting; sit back, enjoy this time and let Winkler’s handle the leaves.

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