Go Green Fertilize


If you want a green lawn, you’re going to need to apply fertilizer regularly. A truly green lawn doesn’t just “happen” overnight. Creating an environment for your lawn to grow healthy, become green, and stay green requires a commitment beyond regular fertilizer applications.

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Weed Control


Dandelion and other weeds like chickweed, burnweed, clover, and crabgrass are on the prowl. Just as this is the time of year that lawns green up and start growing, so do these lawn weeds. We want your property to look good and be full of color, just not in your turf areas!

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Turf Building

Aerate and Seeding

Aeration is a key turf building application and promotes strong, drought resistant grass. Aeration coupled with our other turf management tools will ensure a thick, lush lawn.  Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape offers Turf Building programs that include seeding, core aeration, or dethatching services.

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Ask about our new Tree & Shrub Applications

Our Tree & Shrub program are sure to build your confidence when it comes to protecting your landscape investment.

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Turf Management Services

Lawn Care: Turf Building

Supplemental Lawn Care Applications

Why Choose Winkler’s Lawn Care

  • Highly skilled, licensed and professional turf crew members
  • Easy & Effective application programs for maximum results
  • Exceptional customer service & communication
  • Multiple ways to pay
  • Updates via Email about important information or changes

Service Information

The Turf Care Team at Winkler’s Lawn Care makes caring for your turf easy. We offer a variety of simple and affordable turf management programs to help with your lawn care needs. Throughout the season, we communicate the needs that your lawn has on a regular basis and what next steps could be performed to help your lawn be the best it can be. These turf programs can be tailored to include fertilization, weed control, pest control, and mechanical practices, such as aeration and verticutting, to achieve your lawn goals.


The brief. On turf managment.

 Contact Winkler’s Lawn Care,  and we can help you build a Turf Management Program specific to your property and goals. Examples of yards receiving our lawn care program can be found on our lawn & turf photo gallery. Visit the gallery to see what your lawn’s potential could be.

While it is best to start the year off with a program, we can begin servicing your lawn at any time during the season. So, it’s never too late! Let’s get started on a Turf Care Program to make your lawn be the most beautiful lawn you’ve had for seasons!

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