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Here’s the truth about fertilizer. If you want a green lawn, you’re going to need to apply fertilizer regularly. A truly green lawn doesn’t just “happen” overnight. A healthy, thick, drought resistant lawn requires a commitment. Click here for a free fertilizer estimate.


The team at Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape offers a variety of turf applications and programs that help homeowners achieve their dream when it comes to having a beautiful lawn. Maybe you’re thinking, “how…”

Think for a moment about the things you care for. Most likely, what comes to mind is people. The people that you care for the most, well, it’s likely that you interact with them more frequently. Fertilizer frequency plays a big part in keeping your lawn green!

Now think back about the people that came to mind earlier. It’s likely that how you interact with them may vary from time to time. Some times you might just have a brief conversation focused around “just the facts.” Other times, you may have a deeper conversation that invokes feelings. All this is to say, similarly to people, your lawn has different needs it varies at different times.

In the fertilizer world, this is achieve by varying the “analysis” of the fertilizer. Maybe you’ve heard someone mention triple 10, (10-10-10) or 28-5-15. That kind of language describes the formula or the analysis of the fertilizer. The analysis is a reflection of what is in the fertilizer N-K-P, or the nitrogen-phosphate-potash. At different times, your lawn needs different fertilizer.

Creating an environment for your lawn to grow healthy, become green, and stay green requires a commitment beyond regular fertilizer applications. Think for a minute about what you’re fertilizing. If you’re lawn is in bad shape or you have more weeds than grass, fertilizer won’t really do much to enhance the look of your lawn. Sure, it will make your weeds grow, but that’s not really what you want. If that last sentence described your lawn, don’t worry. Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape offers Turf Building programs that include seeding, core aeration, or dethatching services.

Now, if you already have a pretty good stand of grass a routine fertilizer and weed control program might be just what you need. Winkler’s offers Turf Management Programs that can be tailored to help make and keep your lawn green and healthy.

What’s the catch? It’s going to cost money. A basic fertilizer and weed control program usually runs around $300 per season. Additionally, we’re counting on you to do the following:

  • Water regularly or activate the sprinkler system. We suggest an 1″ per week minimum.
  • Mow regularly. As your lawn grows, it will need to be mowed frequently enough that you take off about 1/3 of the leaf blade per mowing.
  • Spot seed or overseed as you notice thin spots. Keeping your lawn thick and full of new seed will help keep weeds out, but also keep the turf disease resistant.

It’s never too late (or too early) to sign up for a Fertilizer & Weed Control Program.

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