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Winkler’s lawn care offers a variety of turf applications to help create and maintain a healthy lawn. Our most common lawn care program is outlined below. Consider this program as you begin establishing roots in your neighborhood…

Lawn Care Program Outline

  • Round 1: Pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer
  • Round 2: Post emergent herbicide
  • Round 3: Pre-emergernt herbicide and fertilizer and spot spraying any actively growing broadleaf weeds
  • Round 4: Grub Control and fertilizer and spot spraying any actively growing broadleaf weeds
  • Round 5: Fall fertilizer and spot spraying any actively growing broadleaf weeds
  • Round 6: Winterizer fertilizer

Applications begin around March 1st and taper off in December. Lawn care applications are usually performed approximately 4-6 weeks apart, depending upon what time of the season we’re in. One of the great features of Winkler’s lawn care program is how simple it is to include supplemental applications. Supplemental lawn care applications are those little “extras” that support your lawn and make your yard the talk of the block. Here’s a list of supplemental applications:

Of those applications listed above, the most common supplemental applications to be added to a lawn care program are Core Aeration, Overseeding, and Surface Insecticide treatments. While aerating and overseeding are performed to build your turf or thicken the stand of grass already on your property, the surface insecticide works to limit the number of “critters” in your lawn. If your lawn is a regular place for family time or home to household pets, this application might be for you. What does a lawn care program cost? That’s a great question. The price for your lawn will be based off of the actual conditions of your property and the goals you wish to achieve through your lawn care program. Click here for a free estimate of your property, call our office (816) 588-6434, or send us an email and let us know your interested in a Lawn Care Program. If you are interested in reading more about the subjects mentioned above or see photos: Turf Management Overview || Lawn Photo Gallery || Landscape Services Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape PO Box 1045 Platte City MO 64079

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