Snow Plow Trucks

Snow Plow Trucks

Looking for a snow removal contractor? Here’s what to expect when receiving Snow Removal Services from Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape:

Remember, each storm is different and our plan to manage the storm differs based upon the type of storm. Typically on residential properties we wait to clear snow until after the storm is over. However, in larger snow storms 6″ of more, we may clear snow twice in order to service all customers in a timely fashion and reduce wear and tear on equipment. Timely removal of snow ranges from 1-8 hrs after snow fall ceases.

The use of “trigger rates” is an industry accepted approximation. Very seldom will there be exactly 2″ of accumulation, therefore requiring exactly 2″ of snow to be removed. We reserve the right to charge above and beyond the rate quoted for storms producing accumulations above 4”. This charge is to cover the additional labor involved in removing the snow from your property. This increase will normally rage from $5-10.00.

Areas that are compacted due to vehicle traffic will not be able to be cleared to “bare pavement.” This happens frequently on driveways where vehicles have been traveling multiple times. We will also be limited to how effective we will be able to work around vehicles that are parked in driveways and street side. Our rates do not include the labor required to hand shovel around cars parked in driveways or driveways themselves. If it is not possible to effectively clear your driveway it may be pushed to the end of the service route or skipped completely.

There are some storms that produce winds that will continue to blow even after plowing has been performed. This may require additional plowing. If we plow once and then plowing is needed a second time, even if it is during the same storm, we retain the right to bill for multiple occurrences.

We work very hard to maintain communications during snow/ice events to provide the most responsive and thorough services available. We have multiple trucks, crews, and even backup equipment available in case of mechanical failure or large storms that may hinder a quick responsive time. If at any time you have a question about when you will be receiving services please feel free to call and confirm your property and or request additional services.

Thank you again for checking out our landscape website. We look forward to working with you this winter and the opportunity to continue the services we provide you with into the summer months as well.

Josh Winkler
Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape