Spring Landscaping and Mulch

Winkler’s Landscape Trucks are loaded up each spring delivering mulch, spreading mulch, and freshening old mulch beds all throughout the months of March, April, and May. These three months account for about 80% of the mulch season. Dark Brown, Black and Double Ground mulch is stocked onsite so we readily have a supply to freshen up your landscape beds.

Spring isn’t the only time to bring in mulch for landscape beds. As plants and nursery stock become more available around tax time, new installation projects pick up and thus the spring landscape mulch season is extended. If weather is good, plantings can be completed on into July. We typically break for August and resume fall plantings and mulch work in September and carry through the end of December.

Some folks get excited about this “annual landscape chore,” while others dread it. We appreciate both perspectives. Why? Those green thumb neighbors of yours create a bit of envy around the neighborhood. One by one other neighbors begin to think, “humm, well maybe we should do something about the mulch for our landscape beds.” And, in time, the neighborhood becomes a little more vibrant with mulch complimenting landscape beds around trees, mailboxes, entryways to homes, subdivision islands, and sweeping perimeter landscape beds.

Now, some of this is done by homeowners who enjoy this kind of work… Others though, well maybe time is a constraint preventing them from topdressing their mulch beds, so it’s hired out. Others, the chore may be too physically challenging so a landscape company is brought out. And of course some, well, they’d just rather pay to have it done. We delighted to help in any way we can.

Contact Winkler’s Lawn Care & Landscape to start planning your next landscape enhancement or if you just need some fresh mulch for landscape beds around your home.