Spring Seeding


If you want a lawn your neighbors are jealous of… the only way to achieve it is by performing regular fertilizer, herbicide, mechanical, irrigation, mowing, and seeding services.

Unfortunately, having an award winning lawn is a result of many key factors (like those listed above) coming together to create an environment suitable for your turf. It takes commitment from both a financial standpoint, as well as time. A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight, not even if you sod!

So, now that we’ve been transparent with what is really required to have an awesome lawn, if you’re up to the challenge of and want to make it happen this year, Winkler’s is your company to do just that. We’re a full service lawn and landscape service provider.

The first step to bring your lawn back from the drought is by getting an abundant supply of new seed delivered to your turf. Winkler’s recommends performing mechanical services such as aerating or verticutting when seeding. These services increase the seed to soil contact and will increase the germination rate of your new seed.

Step two is to begin performing routine fertilizer and weed control applications. Winkler’s offer’s a slew of turf programs to provide the right nutrients and products that will encourage the growth, health, and improve the color of your lawn.

New seed will lay dormant, unless watering is performed. This is important in conjunction with steps one and two, as well as, through the growing season. Your new seed will need regular watering to enable root growth and maintain the steady flow of moisture needed to keep it thriving.

Step three is to begin lawn maintenance services, mowing, once the new blades reach 4-6″ in height. By holding off mowing until the new grass reaches 4-6″ in height, you will allow for the new grass to root in and become stable. If you’re not comfortable mowing, or have decided that this is the year you’ll hire out your lawn maintenance, give us a call or click below to contact us.

If you’ve read this far, you might think that this post seems a little coarse. It is. We want you to be fully aware of the commitment you’re making if you really want to have a good looking yard. There’s a process that is required and it requires you as the homeowner to work along side and in partnership with Winkler’s as a contractor. We enjoy beautiful lawns and would love the opportunity to help you make yours beautiful!

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