It’s go time for blanket weed control applications and surface insecticide applications.

Surface Insecticide Application


Fleas, ticks, mites, sod web worm, ants, and other insects are among those listed as controllable pests on the products Winkler’s uses to treat your lawn as part of our Surface Insecticide Application.

Our surface insecticide application is safe for pets and children when the appropriate amount of time is given between completion of the application and re-entry into the treated area. This time frame is typically a two hour window.

Paring your blanket weed control application with surface insecticide is a great way to save money. These two services can be completed during the same visit and at the same time.

If you’re looking for a little fire power to knock down dandelions plus a little extra punch for suppressing fleas, ticks, mites, sod web worm, ants, and other insects contact Winkler’s for more details. Click here to contact Winkler’s.