table ready watermelon

Harvest time of the watermelons brings a certain joy to the dinner table. Last year, my son and I, blew out a candle for my birthday in a watermelon turned “birthday cake.” It made for a good memory and one that Caleb recalls quite frequently anytime the topic of birthday comes up. We hope that Watermelons from Watermelon Wagon Farms aren’t just a joy for how family but yours too.

Looking back over this season, there are several things we would do differently to help boost the yield. We were late to plant, over run with weeds, and the cooler temperatures and more frequent rains kept back the sweetness from truly developing. Now, all things considered we still had about a truck full of watermelons to sell. In just a few short days the harvest was bought up by watermelon lovers here in our fine city-Platte City.

The goal in growing and selling watermelons is to create an opportunity for one or several local high school students to attend YoungLife summer camp who couldn’t afford to do so otherwise. Camp, all included, costs around $700-750 per year.

With the help of our community, we were able to help 1 more student to YoungLife this season who wouldn’t have been able to. It’s neat being able to partner with caring folks of Platte City.